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till next year

The Edmonton Eskimos didn just lose a crossover playoff game Sunday, they lost the chance to walk away from their season able to say next year. Matt Nichols was injured in the third quarter, the Eskimos future looked as pointed in the wrong direction as his left foot.

For some totally unfathomable reason, head coach Kavis Reed didn see fit to allow Nichols to enter the game until the second half after the Eskimos gave up a CFL playoff record 31 points in a quarter and Edmonton was down by 24.

just praying it not long term, said head coach Kavis Reed, who called it for the course for our season. may be able to return for training camp next year. But suffering an injury like that
discount ray bans and having had so few opportunities to develop, despite what he did every time he was put in there, there no way the Eskimos can go ahead projecting him as the franchise quarterback Reed has been calling him.

It was like Reed has been blind to the bounce in everybody step, the body language and an entire team wanting to play for this young man. But when Nichols went down the Eskimos were left possibly in worse shape than they were on Dec. 12 when Eric Tillman traded Ricky Ray.

If there were any question what an insane trade it was, Ricky Ray won the day and put a massive exclamation point on it in this game against the team with which he hoped to play his entire career.

I wrote it the day Ray was traded. I wrote that Tillman had just traded the Eskimos back to the 1960s when the team went through two dozen quarterbacks; the likes of Don Trull, Rusty Clarke, Larry Lawrence, Corey Colehour, Charlie Fulton, Harry Theofilides, Frank Cosentino, Terry Baker, Randy Kerbow, Bill Reddell, Lynn Amedee, Jim Walden, James Earl Wright and many more. I wrote that Jyles, Joseph, Eric Ward and Nichols are more likely to be the first four names on another very long list.

Kerry Joseph, who completed 12 of 25 passes Sunday, will be 40 next year.

And Steven Jyles, the quarterback Ray was traded for in addition to kicker Grant Shaw, and a draft pick who may never show up in Edmonton, can possibly be brought back next year or the team isn going to be able to sell a season ticket.

Considering Ray 23 for 30 game to lead the Argos to the 42 26 win to end the Eskimos season, the situation screamed for comment by the head coach who had to play his bad hand 19 times this year.

was a very difficult situation, and it was a very difficult year. I very proud I had the chance to work with Ricky Ray. There is no question he is a franchise player, said Reed but pretty much left it at that.

But after the 7 11 season following the Ricky Ray deal and Ray now headed to the Eastern Final with a
discount ray bans chance to take the Argos to the 100th Grey Cup game at home two weeks later, the Eskimos fan base is going to have to have some moves made to earn the confidence of the paying public.

The CFL former flagship franchise doesn have a general manager and the Brand Man, CEO Len Rhodes, has been on the job less than a year and didn have a good year. And will Kavis Reed, after what he was forced to endure this season, stay around to finish out the third year
fake ray bans of his contract as coach or GM? This looks like very much a job that could get you fired fast.

A win in this game, knocking the host out of the 100th Grey Cup game, could have salvaged the season, especially if Nichols had been there to lead the way.

Reed chose Joseph to start the game and looked like a genius for making the move the majority of football fans didn like.

The Eskimos did everything they
cheap ray ban outlet hoped to do at the start of the game. And then nothing after that.

It was remarkable the way it worked.

The Eskimos won the coin toss and took the ball, as Reed said he would. Joseph then took the team 91 yards on nine plays, with a time of possession of 5:14, to finally score a touchdown on their first possession all year. Sherritt being scratched due to an ankle injured late in the final game of the regular season, created a two and out.

Ray, who had put up 688 yards passing including eight TD passes with a 70% completion rate and a QB efficiency rating of 139 in his previous two games was kept off the field.

He only been out there for one play with 5:36 left in the first quarter and then went two and out starting on his own six. The Argos got their only first down of the first quarter with 1:52 left.

But that was it.

Reed looked like an idiot for keeping 39 year old Joseph in there as his team body language took a serious turn for the worse and everybody started missing tackles on defence without Sherritt.

It was pathetic.

How could a team which opened which such presence immediately fold like a $10 tent?

Ex Argo Cory Boyd fumbled. Joseph was intercepted on a shovel pass. Special teams gave up their first punt return touchdown, and the first for Chad Owens, this season. And Ray was almost surgical in slicing the Eskimos for four touchdowns, calling a quarterback draw on the fourth one.

Reed could be criticized for having Sherritt in the lineup late in the final regular season game to set the single season record of 130 tackles.

was the second play after he got the record, Reed said. wasn going to take that chance away from that young man who worked so hard and is a heart and soul player on this team. And you could see the way his teammates reacted to him getting it. could also see the way Nichols teammates reacted to him every time he got a chance to play, especially when he was on the field in excruciating pain and was placed on the back of a golf cart to be taken to the hospital.Articles Connexes:

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Team awaits result of Josh Gordon appeal

As the Browns await word on the fate of Josh Gordon, the world continues to turn and practice in Berea continues without him.

Gordon and his attorneys were in New York City on Aug. 1 pleading their case in front of league appointed arbitrator Harold Henderson. No decision was expected before the end of the day.

Meanwhile, NFL Commissioner Roger
discount ray bans Goodell was in Canton for the Hall of Fame festivities and inductions on Aug. 2. He had to answer questions about how Ravens running back Ray Rice could be suspended only two games for domestic violence while Gordon is facing a ban of possibly a year or more for testing positive for marijuana.

Goodell s answer boiled down to Rice s offense was a one time out of character mistake. Gordon s violation was his fourth.

You have to deal with the facts, Goodell told reporters. We have a drug program that is collectively bargained and it has a step process. It takes four incidents before you actually reach a suspension in a drug related case. You have to respond to facts here.

You have a lot of people voicing their opinions, but what you have to understand is that this is a young man (Rice) who made a terrible mistake it s inconsistent with what we re all about. We have dealt with it in a serious manner, and we re very confident that this young man understands where he is and what he needs to do going forward.

Gordon could practice with the Browns on Aug. He can remain with the team until a decision is reached.

Gordon s teammates will talk about him as a receiver; they do not want to talk about his legal situation. They say they can succeed without him, but they are not delusional.

Josh is an extremely talented receiver and it s going to be very difficult to replace 1,600 yards and the Pro Bowl season he put together, wide receiver Michael Armstrong said. But we all know even if Josh is activated, we re still one slip away from being in the game. If he s here or not, we re still going to have to step up and make plays.

The wide receivers put on a show during practice on Aug. 1, as though trying to assure the capacity crowd they will survive without the 2013 NFL yards receiving (1,646) leader.

Nate Burleson celebrated a touchdown pass from Connor Shaw by tucking the football under the front of his jersey, making the jersey
discount ray bans look like a maternity top.

Football is my baby, he explained.

Armstrong caught a touchdown pass from Johnny Manziel and heaved it into the top deck of the corporate grandstand. A fan dropped it, prompting cynics to tweet former Browns receiver Greg Little must have been in the stands.

They said they were going to clown me if it didn t make it to the stands, Armstrong said. Honestly, I didn t have a target. Looking back at it, it would have been ideal to throw it over the grandstand and hit the zipline (behind the stands).

Gordon could be lost for the season on
discount ray bans the very year NFL officials are determined to enforce defensive holding rules to the letter of the law.

Referee Pete Morelli met with the Browns and separately with the media on Aug. 1 to discuss rule changes for this year. Defenders
replica ray bans are still allowed to bump the receiver within five yards of the line of scrimmage, but no more than five yards. That has been the rule, but Morelli admitted some officials let the contact zone go longer.

I get held a lot in games, said 5 foot 7 Andrew Hawkins. Hopefully it will be implemented the way they want it to be, but that remains to be seen.

Morelli said calling the illegal contact foul even a slight jersey tug will be a penalty will have to be called early and often to break defenders from the habit of grabbing illegally.

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Success for Norwich crackdown on chuggers

City council bosses said they had received just two complaints about street fund raisers, commonly referred to as "chuggers", since tighter controls were introduced five months ago.

The collectors ask members of the public to sign up to pay standing orders and direct debits to charities,
cheap ray bans and some shoppers have felt intimidated by the number of operators in streets such as Gentleman’s Walk.

Before last autumn, there was no way of limiting their numbers because the practice does not involve any exchange of cash so they do not need a licence from Norwich City Council,

But in September the council entered into a
replica ray ban sunglasses site management agreement with the Public Fund raising Regulatory Association (PFRA), which set out when and where street fund raisers may operate in Norwich.

replica ray bans spokesman for the city council said today that the agreement was working well with only two complaints made by shoppers since it was brought in.

Julian Foster, chairman of the Central Norwich Citizens’ Forum (CNCF), said it had been "hugely successful".

He said: "People do feel very strongly about the problem of street fund raisers or "chuggers".

"In fact, when we asked people about it before, I had about 300 emails and phone calls in response, with people saying what a big issue it was."

Stefan Gurney, City Centre Partnership manager, said the two complaints received since September were both when charity fundraisers had been "slightly over zealous in their approach" to shoppers.

The news comes as it was revealed that Manchester council had banned street fundraisers from the city four days a week to reduce complaints from harassed commuters and shoppers.

Norwich City Council spokesman Amy Lyall said it had no plans at present to change the system in Norwich.

At present, fundraising is allowed on Gentleman’s Walk and St Stephen’s Street on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and on
discount ray bans London Street on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

There is also a code of practice that restricts how close fund raisers are allowed to get to pedestrians and also forbids activity near cash machines.

However, some stall owners at Norwich Market feel they are still affected by the presence of chuggers, as it diverts shoppers away from stalls when they try to avoid a conversation with the charity workers.

Ray Swinger, owner of The Bag Stalls, which faces directly onto Gentleman’s Walk, said: "It sometimes stops people coming in to the stall when they are trying to as they get diverted to try and avoid a chugger.

"I would say there have been more in the last two weeks than ever before, since the weather got better.

"If you come down here from 12 onwards then you will see loads of them standing about with their boards waving them in people’s faces to try and get their attentions.

"People don’t like being approached, especially if they are on their dinner break because they just haven’t got time and they don’t want to be bothered."

That view is backed up by Mike Read and his son Brendan at Mike and Debs and Sons greengrocers, also facing on to Gentleman’s Walk. Mr Read senior said: "They’ve been down here every day for the last few weeks so I would say it has got worse if anything."

His son added: "We see people walking towards our stall and then they divert to avoid the chuggers. Yesterday morning we had four of them in a row standing in front of our stall so it’s definitely got worse."

Grace Tierney Baker is a travelling charity collector, who operates in different cities around the country every day. She was representing British Red Cross on Gentleman’s Walk yesterday and did not think that Norwich suffered from too many problems.

She said: "There is the kind of atmosphere where we try to make the public feel at ease so that even if someone doesn’t want to donate at the time, hopefully they will think later on when they are having their tea or something, ‘they were nice, I think I’ll go and donate to that charity now’."Articles Connexes:

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STI tones down its act

Maybe we won’t really need those arcane Chinese tattoos tumbling
cheap ray bans down our arms that spell out something like "Pugboy the Paint Sniffer."

Moreover, I’ve postponed my search for a Rastafarian skullcap, purple Ray Bans and bamboo T shirt.

For better or worse, fellow gear bangers, the Subaru Impreza WRX STI no longer demands that we suit up as Santa Monica beach gangsters every time we slide behind the wheel.

And I appreciate that, sort of.

You probably know the thrumming STI, one of the first fast and furious imports aimed at younger enthusiasts with no interest in old school American muscle cars.

Propelled by an edgy, turbocharged flat four vigorously spinning all four wheels, STIs were about as intense as a dentist’s drill.

Like some kind of sport bike, they got angry at about 5,000 rpm, lunging to their red lines with sweet, hoarse violence.

I was never sure whether you drove one or rode it. But they were great, face distorting fun, especially in tight curves.

Don’t tell anyone, but I think the STI got a day job or something.

The 2011 "plasma blue pearl" STI Limited I had recently still looked like the sort of high performance sedan driven by someone who routinely got thrown out of geometry class and occasionally beaten by the teacher.

Equipped with a fidgety sport suspension that could whip pudding into
discount ray bans a froth, my STI rolled on seriously meaty 245/40 tires engulfing dark BBS style alloy wheels.

Like all STIs, it sported a large, tough hood scoop for the intercooler, a blacked out grille and angry, glaring headlamps.

Based on the all wheel drive Impreza sedan, STI versions get treated to a lower ride height, dramatically flared fenders and a muscular lower rocker panel all of which still drip evil.

Just to keep cellphone drunks from getting too close, the STI spits exhaust waves from two four inch outlets beneath each side of the bumper.

And, of course, there’s The Wing a multilevel rear spoiler so large you can detach it this year and use it for hang gliding when you’re visiting the mountains. Well, not really, but it’s still big enough to interfere with radio transmissions on the Russians’ space station.

In short, all you need are some muddy goat paths and a helmeted passenger jabbering something completely indecipherable, and you’re ready to rally almost.

Growing up

It might just be me, but I don’t think the STI packs the explosive punch it once did. The car is still equipped with a lovably eccentric 2.5 liter flat four engine turbocharged up to 305 horsepower and bolted to a six speed manual transmission.

But that wasn’t enough in a 3,300 pound sedan to startle a skinny 60 year old driver, which kind of suggests to me that the STI has grown up some.

Step away from a stop sign, and you get the usual weak shove and wonderfully flat growl from an engine that’s been highly tweaked.

But when you stand on it
cheap ray ban outlet hard, you aren’t pummeled by the old surge and snap and pop at 5,000 rpm just a smooth, drama free rush to the 6,700 rpm red line.

Although the Subie is still quick sprinting to 60 in 5 seconds, according to Motor Trend it is actually a little slower than the mid level and more softly sprung Impreza WRX, Car and Driver says.

The outlaw turns 30, I suppose.

Fortunately, he can still jump and cut. As you know, handling has always been an STI strength, and that hasn’t changed much.

Sail off Stemmons in third gear, with the little flat four yowling darkly, and you can easily chew up curving exit ramps at twice their posted speed. (Not that I would, of course.)

Turn in is extremely quick, and if the car starts squirming, you can move it around with the precise steering. The grip is so good, you sweat sideways.

Though quick, the steering is a little thick and sometimes heavy. A fairly stiff clutch and clunky linkage also will slow you down some but not much.

If you push the Subie too hard, I’m told, it will understeer in
fake ray bans ways that will make your mouth go suddenly dry. So when things got really sparky, I clamped down on the Brembo brakes most of the time.

Savor the well balanced performance. While my STI sported a lofty $39,870 window sticker, its black interior was pretty average and maybe that’s how it should be in a rally/street car.Articles Connexes:

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