FAQ to MagicBand+ at Disney World

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the MagicBand+ at Walt Disney World. This FAQ answers those common inquiries about pricing, features & functionality, pre-arrival discounts & shipping delays, battery life, recharging, how the “Plus” works as compared to the dumb bands, and more. (Updated August 10, 2022.)

One thing that might make all of these easier to understand (and undermine the need for much of this FAQ, to be honest) is to think of the MagicBand+ as two distinct devices. One of these is the MagicBand, which functions in exactly the same ways as a legacy MagicBand. It has all of the same features, functionality, strengths and weaknesses. Think of this as the “dumb” aspect of the device, which works without battery power and does basic things like entering the park or Lightning Lanes.

Then there’s the other half–the “Plus Part.” This is brand-new component, including all of the interactivity, lighting, vibrations, and experiential elements. This is the (sorta) smart device that’s powered by a battery and requires recharging. In essence, this encompasses everything that is not present in a normal MagicBand, and this is where the device differs from the legacy MB. Together, the two halves form the MagicBand+. Hopefully that breakdown answers some questions and eliminates confusion. In case not, here are the answers to common questions we’re hearing…

Do regular MagicBands still work? 


MagicBands continue to work throughout the parks, and Disney will be releasing new designs and styles of the legacy MagicBands. If you’re not interested in interactivity or light-up wearables, that’s fine. Regular ‘ole MagicBands aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

I’ve been using the same basic blue MagicBand for like 8 years. Aside from the long range RFID dying, it’s still going strong. Well, it’s also a bit discolored…and smells like sweat. But otherwise going strong!

How much does MagicBand+ cost? 

All guests can buy MagicBand+ at select stores across Walt Disney World and online at shopDisney, starting at $34.99 for basic colors. Any sort of actual designs cost $44.99. That’s consistent with current pricing for plain v. premium MagicBand designs.

From there, costs could increase even further for limited edition or designer fashion styles. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a MagicBand+ that costs $75 by the end of the year. Heck, maybe for the company’s 100th Anniversary, they’ll release a hideous bejeweled MagicBand+ that costs $1,000. It wouldn’t be the first time…

Where can MagicBand+ be purchased at Walt Disney World?

You’ll be able to purchase a MagicBand+ at the following locations:

  • Magic Kingdom: Emporium
  • EPCOT: Pin Traders – Camera Center
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Celebrity 5 & 10 and Tatooine Traders
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Discovery Trading Company
  • Disney Springs: Disney’s Pin Traders
  • Pretty much every Disney-owned resort gift shop

How many MagicBand+ designs are currently available?

It depends on where you’re buying them.

In a rare twist, the pre-arrival purchase program has the most options. Walt Disney World stores and shopDisney are much more hit or miss, with fewer styles to begin with and options selling out. In general, you can expect to find between 15 and 25 styles in the parks.

Can I purchase multiple MagicBand+ devices? 

Do you really think Disney is going to turn down more merchandise sales?!

Officially, you can have multiple MagicBands or cards linked to your Disney account, you can continue to use as many as your wrists and pockets can carry. However, getting multiple MagicBands or cards does not give you multiple entitlements, such as additional park admission. Also, once a MagicBand or card is linked to a person, it cannot be transferred to another person.

Unofficially, you cannot have an unlimited number of linked MagicBands and also a working My Disney Experience account. I once had over 100 bands, room keys, and tickets attached to my account, and it got so bogged down that trying to do anything would cause the system to time out or crash. I had to have them manually removed from my account (deactivating them wasn’t good enough). Now I “only” have 43 and my account more or less works okay.

How do I set up the MagicBand+ to use with my account?

Start by powering on the MagicBand+ by pressing the button on the back once, and tapping the band to your phone. If you haven’t already, this will prompt you to launch the My Disney Experience app.

From there, follow the instructions in the app to link the MagicBand+ to your Disney account, assign it to a guest and pair it to your mobile device. Then, use the app to make sure your band is charged and the software is up to date. (Currently, there is an update to make and MagicBand+ devices are not fully charged at purchase.)

What are the base features of MagicBand Plus?

MagicBand+ can do everything a MagicBand can do and more at Walt Disney World:

  • Enter theme parks
  • Tap into Lightning Lanes
  • Connect PhotoPass images
  • Unlock your Walt Disney World Resort hotel room door
  • Purchasing items at Walt Disney World with a linked resort reservation and credit card

What are the unique features of MagicBand Plus?

In addition to the above, MagicBand+ also offers:

  • Haptic vibrations and light pulses that bring experiences to life
  • Customizable light patterns after double tapping the center of the band
  • Gesture recognition for interactivity at certain locations
  • A rechargeable battery
  • Exclusive experiences and mini-games such as Star Wars: Batuu Bounty Hunters and Disney Fab 50 Scavenger Hunt

How long does the MagicBand+ battery last?

It’s highly variable and depends on an individual’s use of the band. In theory, the battery can last 1 to 3 days.

In practice, playing Batuu Bounty Hunters is the biggest drain on the device; doing that minigame for a few hours can alone deplete an entire MagicBand+ battery. Most people won’t be doing that from start to finish for hours on end, so the above range is mostly accurate.

With that said, Walt Disney World recommends charging the MagicBand+ each night before use. Upon purchase or receipt of your band, it is recommended to charge it to high battery levels (green animation) for the most optimal usage.

Can the MagicBand+ interactive features be turned on and off to conserve battery life?


Power on your MagicBand+ by pressing the button on the back once. To turn off the band, hold that same button for a few seconds.

How do I charge my MagicBand+?

There’s a 6-inch USB charging cable included with the purchase of the MagicBand. A charging cable can also be purchased separately online or at Walt Disney World retail locations. The device can be charged via standard USB charging, including portable phone chargers. Make sure you have installed the latest version of the software for optimal usage.

Do the base features continue to work even after the battery dies?


Every single one of the aforementioned base features still works when the battery is dead. It’s essentially only the interactive stuff, lighting, and sound that doesn’t work with a dead battery. (It’s unclear whether on-ride photos link automatically with a dead MagicBand+.)

Can the battery level of MagicBand+ be checked?

he battery status can be checked via the My Disney Experience mobile app if you have paired the MagicBand+ to your mobile device. In addition, pressing the button on the back of the band will result in the band lighting up a color to report the current battery status.

Flashing Red – No Battery. You should charge your band as soon as possible with the included charging cable.

Flashing Yellow – Low Battery. Continue charging your band until green for the most optimal usage duration throughout your day.

Flashing Green – High Battery. You are good to go!

Is it necessary to link MagicBand+ to the My Disney Experience smartphone app to work?

Yes and no. For normal/base MagicBand features, you’ll need to link–just like you would with a normal MagicBand.

For the MagicBand+ exclusive interactivity, you do not need to link to a Disney account through the My Disney Experience mobile app.

Can one My Disney Experience app manage multiple MagicBand+ accounts?


Just as one My Disney Experience account can manage multiple users or MagicBands currently, so too can one MDX account (and by extension, one phone) manage multiple MagicBand+ devices.

Is the MagicBand+ waterproof? 


According to Walt Disney World, the MagicBand+ is “waterproof for pools and water rides.”

Can off-site guests use MagicBand Plus? 


The device features mostly work the same, expect for anything hotel-related. (Essentially meaning that you won’t be able to use the room key or charging privileges.)

How does the size of MagicBand+ compare to the current generation of MagicBands?

I play-tested the MagicBand+ earlier this summer, and I didn’t notice any material size or weight differences between the old and new devices. This isn’t to say it isn’t 9.4% larger or doesn’t weigh 11.7% more, but I did not notice a material difference.

However, I’m often told that I’m “not very observant.”

Is there a pre-arrival purchase options for on-site resort guests?


As noted above, the pre-arrival selection is actually better than the choices at Walt Disney World. Above is a look at all 48 MagicBand+ and regular ole MagicBand designs as of August 10, 2022. This is a total of 48 styles–33 MagicBand+ options and 15 MagicBands. Even after the initial surge of morning purchases has died down, all 33 MagicBand+ designs remain available.

What is the resort guest discount be for pre-arrival MagicBand+ purchases?

Currently, there are only two price points for the MagicBand+ styles: $25 for solid colors and $35 for premium designs, both of which offer a savings of $10 off what you’d pay in stores at Walt Disney World or on shopDisney.com.

There’s tax on MagicBand+ upgrade orders, so the total price comes out to $26.92 for the standard colors and $37.70 for the premium patterns.

Will pre-arrival MagicBand+ orders be shipped to us at home?

Yes, assuming you order with sufficient lead time before your trip.

At least, in theory (see below).  

I’m leaving for vacation soon–why hasn’t my MagicBand+ order arrived…or even shipped?! 

This is a problem many people are reporting–including us.

We have a resort reservation starting today (August 10, 2022) and placed a pre-arrival MagicBand+ order well in advance. The message on the Your MagicBand Order page still says: “Congratulations! You’ve made your selections and your MagicBands will be shipped to your home.”

However, our order status is still “Processing.” Obviously, short of the device being teleported to us today, there’s no way we’re getting it before leaving for our stay.

Our hope is that the front desk has extra MagicBand+ inventory on hand as guest recovery for this known problem. If not, we’ll request that they fulfill the order from the gift shop or issue a merchandise credit for the retail cost so we can purchase our own. We’re not holding our breath about any of those potential solutions, though. We’ll let you know how this is resolved upon arrival, so stay tuned!

Are there inventory issues with MagicBand+ like the other pre-arrival upgrade options?

Given the above, it appears so. Although Walt Disney World has not offered an explanation for the shipping woes, that would certainly explain the problems.

Previously, Walt Disney World issued an official update about its MagicBand upgrade program that offers discounted pre-arrival for on-site resort hotel guests as well as Annual Passholders.

In a statement, Walt Disney World says the problems are “due to ongoing, industry-wide supply chain challenges, MagicBands may have limited availability or be unavailable in some styles. Our teams are working to improve our selection over the coming weeks and recommend Guests continue to check back to see if their preferred style is available.”

Is there a discount for Annual Passholders?

Yes, same deal as above via the customization program.

What about exclusive designs for APs?

There will be, but they have yet to be released.

When will MagicBand+ launch at Disneyland?

Officially, MagicBand+ will launch at Disneyland “sometime later this year.”

Unofficially, MagicBand+ is already on hand at Disneyland, but it’s our understanding that there’s a lot of infrastructure work that remains to be done. It’s possible MagicBand+ will launch at Disneyland without full functionality, but we’d expect Star Wars Batuu Bounty Hunters to be finished first. That’s the flagship interactive experience, and it seems unlikely that MagicBand+ would launch without it.

If forced to guess, our prediction would be that MagicBand+ launches between Thanksgiving and Christmas at Disneyland.

Will designs by different at Disneyland?

Yes, there will be designs that say “Disneyland” on them.

What will be the unique features at Disneyland?

There will be a Lightning Lane for the newly-restored PeopleMover that’s only accessible for those wearing MagicBand+ devices, which will ensure that this is the best-selling piece of merchandise in the history of Disneyland.

Sorry, that was a cruel joke. The actual answer is that I don’t know. As mentioned above, it’ll have Star Wars Batuu Bounty Hunters, but I don’t know what else.

Will the same MagicBand+ work at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland?

At least for the interactive elements, yes.

Will there be Figment and Country Bear Jamboree MagicBand+ designs? 

There had better be.

Not releasing these styles would be a colossal oversight, and distinctly unpatriotic. It would unquestionably lead to petitions, mass boycotts, CEO Bob Chapek resigning in disgrace, and economic collapse of the company.

Eh, given recent decisions…it wouldn’t surprise us if they don’t release Figment and Country Bear Jamboree MagicBand+ designs, even in light of those catastrophic consequences.

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